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by Roof Doctor

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released March 22, 2016




Roof Doctor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whippy Dippy Bologna Sauce

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Track Name: Abyssal Plane
shrinking and changing shape
breathing apparatus wrapped around my face
pressure sinking down below
riding on an angler in the undertow
darker with an open eye
then a photogenic jellyfish comes floating by
dreaming the abyssal plane
wake me up and I'll go back to sleep again
I don't wanna be another working man
feeling the bends begin
dragged up to the surface by a fisherman
dead eyed threw my guts away
put me in the supermarket on display
stirring to thunder and rain
wake me up and I'll go back to sleep again
I don't wanna be another working man
Track Name: Wildwood
it is where I'm going to
see you there
and I don't think that we will give a care
a dream beneath the neon lights
I hope that I can win the prize for you
take me back
go see dad
cannonball into the pool
who can last when all of us are running out of breath
sitting on your shoulders high
there is gonna be a fight
the condor's watching from his perch
the chicken's gonna fall down first
but we'll be laughing on the boards tonight
Track Name: David Haynes
sick of sleeping outside
gonna get a new ride them I'm gone to Florida
can I get a twenty?
I need a friend and I'm so cold and all alone
pass me pay no mind
thanks for being kind
most people don't think
I'm the working type
helping this old lady
yeah I'm on my way now to getting out of Kenzo
no I'm not an old man even though I look it
I am young
and I am free
I can be your friend
let me buy a drink
next you can buy mine
so it goes I think
when I'm dead and rotten
I won't be forgotten
I don't care
I am gone
Track Name: Smotheredly
mean old man stole my ball
when it bounced over his garden wall
sorry you've got it bad
all alone in your pad
watch you try to sleep
get up and have another drink
plop back on the couch
the wheel of fortune's slowing down
let me die in my sleep
so you'll be there with me
knock came at the door
bought you something from the store
don't let your food go bad
same time next week old man
lost all those you trust
your golden years are turned to dust
have a cup of tea
order a sword off QVC
let me die in my sleep
so you'll be there with me
Track Name: White Gold
white gold
snow covered hill in the back room
case closed
not enough facts to compel you
you wrote your songs like an overachiever
we cried out "Billy come back for the winter"
when we went to the van to retrieve you
in your eyes, a panic I could not relate to
for five years I've wondered what we must have looked like
keep cool, no one expects you to be fine
we could have done something more
instead we just count our blessings
when you were nodding off at the wheel
did you think the headlights were camera bulbs?
in july it was freezing cold
sweating out the bullets to load back in your gun
we couldn't give you white gold
Track Name: Trust No One
Trust No One, They'll Only Let You Down.